A dance theatre performance: THE SEEN AND UNSEEN


A dance theatre performance: THE SEEN AND UNSEEN

by Amelia Vindy


A dance theatre performance,

A co-commission by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and Asia TOPA: Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts with Arts Centre Melbourne

Directed by @kamilandini
Choreographed by @dayuaryadayuani
Perform by @bumi_bajra dan @ayulaksmibali
Produced by @performinglines .

The Seen and Unseen is a new performance work, a cross-cultural collaboration between artists from Indonesia, Japan and Australia, inspired by Kamila Andini’s film The Seen and Unseen. Developed with Bumi Bajra, a community of children in Bali, this live theatrical production is a visual feast incorporating dance, live music and song, and features a magical realism score, creating a blend of traditional Balinese dance movement with a contemporary approach to theatre. Driving this production is the Balinese philosophy of Sekala Niskala (the seen and unseen), a dualist spiritual structure that describes what we cannot see as having equal value to the ‘real’ or what is seen in the world, the balance between seemingly opposing forces

Sat 15 Juni 2019, 8.00 PM
Sun 16 Juni 2019, 3.00 PM
Ticket online at @komunitas_salihara ‘s website

In collaboration with @fourcoloursfilms and @fraughtoutfit

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