Erik Prasetya’s Photo Exhibition: Banal Aesthetics


Erik Prasetya’s Photo Exhibition: Banal Aesthetics

by Muhammad Hilmi


Banal aesthetics is a concept formulated by Erik Prasetya in approaching Jakarta through street photography. He started producing Jakarta’s “photographic records” 25 years ago and offers a distinctive approach. Banal aesthetics also offers a broader way to view aesthetics through photographic records on human movement dynamics and other elements in banal everyday life.

This exhibition shows a selection of Erik Prasetya’s works from the black-and-white period and digital color period. Erik is one of the most influential photographers in Asia according to Invisible Photographer Asia’s 20 Most Influential Asian Photographers 2012 survey. He has worked within different genres of photography, before deciding to specialize in street photography.

This exhibition is continued with a conversation on books, A Photography and Literature Dialogue: Banal Aesthetics and Critical Spiritualism. The Street Photography Class will be the closing event in this exhibition.

Erik Prasetya’s Photo Exhibition: Banal Aesthetics
Opening: Saturday, January 17, 2015, 07:00 PM
Exhibition: January 18-31, 2015
Galeri Salihara

Open to the public
Monday-Saturday: 11:00 AM-08:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM-03:00 PM
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