Murmuration #2: Love and Other Drugs


Murmuration #2: Love and Other Drugs

by Muhammad Hilmi


Writers need not only a place where they can isolate themselves, but they also need a place where they can share their thoughts and grow together. Answering this,The Murmur House provides a home where young contemporary writers can interact. Our main project, Murmur Journal, which is a biannual literary journal, has been well received with our introductory issue themed “Welcome to Warmth”.

Now, after 6 months of creative process, it is time for us to publish the second issue of Murmur Journal. The theme is “Love and Other Drugs”, which carries all kinds of emotions that are felt regarding the process of loving and being loved.

Along with the publication of our second issue, we will hold an event called Murmuration #2, and we hope to build a media partnership with Whiteboard Journal. There will be various reading and music performances which will enhance the room of Kedai, Jalan Benda No. 89, Kemang, South Jakarta. The event will be held on May 9th, 2015, from 3 PM to 6 PM.whiteboardjournal, logo