Ruins Alone & A Fine Tuning Creation at Dia.Lo.Gue


Ruins Alone & A Fine Tuning Creation at Dia.Lo.Gue

by Ken Jenie


performances by:
Ruins Alone (Japan)
A Fine Tuning Creation (Jakarta)

Saturday October 5th, 2013
Doors: 7PM
Entry: Rp. 15,000

This Saturday, Whiteboard Journal is proud to invite you to our very first live Setlist, a program  that aims to showcase musical talents, For this upcoming instalment  we will be featuring the performance of two artists, Ruins Alone and A Fine Tuning Creation.

Ruins Alone is the solo project of Tatsuya Yoshida, a musician and composer from Tokyo’s underground experimental art scene. Living up to his name as the ‘indisputable master drummer of the Japanese Underground’, Yoshida performs with only a drum kit, sampler and microphone to churn out well timed and intricate drum compositions.

 A Fine Tuning Creation is the solo project of Aryo Adhianto, one half of Space System. Not only being well known in the music circles for his musical expertise, with an extensive music knowledge and musical skills, he’s also the Chief Editor of ‘Listen to the World” ( In A Fine Tuning Creation, Adhianto will be displaying his musical prowess solely through the use of a keyboard

We invite you to be part of the performance, where Ruins Alone and A Fine Tuning Creation will be staging a 30-minute sets. Make sure to witness first hand the bold and progressive performance of these two talented musicians at the sophisticated and intimate settings of Dia.Lo.Gue space.

We look forward to your attendance. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, logo