Nike Cortez 40/40


Nike Cortez 40/40

Artist Customization of Nike's famous Cortez Silhouette

by wjournal


On this feature,Whiteboard Journal got the chance to interview 8 local artists on an event called Nike Cortez 40/40 at Soleplay in Menteng, Jakarta. The event showcased the artists’ interpretations on the famous Nike Cortez, all done with different approaches and methods, making it not only a celebration on the Cortez, but a gathering of people in the creative community from different line of works..

Through the short interviews we were able to get an understanding on how the shoes are such an impact to different generations, with all the artists sharing their own experiences with the running icon. Through the materials and techniques in crafting these renditions, we are able to see what these artist encounters in their daily works, which varies from paper, fabric, to woods. The exhibition is just the perfect way to celebrate the anniversary of Cortez which at the same time serves as reminiscent of our own impressions on the shoe.

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