Simple Symmetry Brings Out Ancient History for “Gilgamesh”


Simple Symmetry Brings Out Ancient History for “Gilgamesh”

Simple Symmetry returns to Disco Halal.

by Ghina Sabrina


Photo: Disco Halal

Russian brothers Sasha and Sergey Lipsky who performs under the name Simple Symmetry, is returning to the Berlin-based record label Disco Halal with their EP “Gilgamesh”. Being their third release on Moscoman’s imprint, they were again given the channel to showcase their unique musical identity that pushes forward the euphonic balance of experimentation and rhythm. 

Sergey once mentioned that their musical influence comes from a harmonious combination of the basements and streets of Moscow as well as the people and cultures from around the world. It wasn’t just all talk, as for their newest EP they had brought out the oldest story known to man, the Epic of Gilgamesh, as their main inspiration. It also sounds quite fitting that they had chosen the most significant legend to survive from the Mesopotamian religion as their main course because that definitely would serve an exciting challenge to reinvent its historical elements into beats for the dancefloor. 

Starting off strong, the title track “Gilgamesh” finds the brothers teaming up with Mexican producer Inigo Vontier for a track that combines staccato synths, gritty grooves, and chants that comes from the epic novel read in the original Akkadian language which touches upon Gilgamesh’s reaction on the death of Enkidu. “Fight” on the other hand is string-heavy and includes sound effects identical to sounds of combat, creating a soundscape that exudes tenacity. Mentioned on the first track, “Enkidu” is named after Gilgamesh’s sidekick. The track is fluid while still continuing the kaleidoscopic theme, with the melodic strings bringing mysticism to the track but still not forgetting its shamanistic dance floor treatment. To close, Adam Port’s “Tulum By Night” edit of “Enkidu” incorporates existing elements and turn them into a more melodic incarnation.

As their newest release, “Gilgamesh” sounds like an exciting playground for them to explore and meddle. Once again bringing electronic mysticism to the dance music scene, Simple Symmetry has definitely evolved from the percussive “The Beginner’s Guide to Magic” EP to spellbinding musical direction that is made for the modern dance floor.whiteboardjournal, logo