Of Films and Indonesia with Nia Dinata


Of Films and Indonesia with Nia Dinata

Athina Ibrahim Interviews Nia Dinata

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Roundtable Session Vol.15: Nia Dinata

Nia Dinata was born on March 4, 1970 in Jakarta. She graduated with a mass communications degree from Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania, US and then she participated in special programs on film production at New York University. Since returning back to Indonesia in 1995, Nia has worked on several projects such as TV programmes, TV commercials, music videos, and feature films. Best known as a filmmaker, she produced seven films Ca Bau Kan, Biola Tak Berdawai, Arisan!, Janji Joni, Berbagi Suami, Quickie Express, and a documentary feature, Pertaruhan.

Her works as a director has earned her much praise from film critics and enthusiasts around the world – with films such as Berbagi Suami being screened internationally such as New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, Arisan! Winning numerous awards in Indonesia and Best Film at Cinemasia Dilm Festival in Amsterdam.

This 15th installment of Whiteboard Journal’s Roundtable Session is brought to you by two members of our internship program: Putri Hardiman & Ayesa Vawandia.

With our editorial team overseeing the project, the two tirelessly planned and executed the project you are about to see. With that, Whiteboard Journal proudly presents Roundtable Session Vol.15: Nia Dinata.

Whiteboard Journal Roundtable Vol.15: Nia Dinata

Hosted by: Athina Ibrahim
Director of Photography: Putri Hardiman
Editor: Putri Hardiman
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