Endah N Rhesa


W_Music Series Vol.02: Endah N Rhesa

The W_Music Series team experienced it first hand as the group performed a couple of songs for us; the two's joyful charisma infectious right off the bat, and their instrument proficiency thoroughly impressed us. Right off the heels of their second Demajors-distributed full-length, Look What We've Found, Endah N Rhesa sat with W_Music at Demajors' headquarters and explained a bit about the group's background, how storytelling influence their performances, Endah's involvement in developing a music braille program, and how intrinsic music is to their daily lives. Enjoy the interview, and be sure to pick up their albums, Nowhere to Go and Look What We've Found, at a record store near you. [featured caption="W_Music Series Vol.02: Endah N Rhesa"] [/featured]

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