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Isyarat Bahasa bersama Surya Sahetapy

Di usianya yang masih sangat muda, Surya telah memperjuangkan berbagai hal demi kesetaraan untuk kaum disabilitas. Whiteboard Journal berbincang dengannya mengenai kemajuan kesadaran mengenai disabilitas hingga wisata yang ia gagas untuk kaum tuli.


In the Search of Green Grounds

Though Jakarta is not known as a green capital, the city still has some green spaces to visit. With the increasing level of urbanization every year, the significance of green spaces also is becoming more apparent. Not only are green spaces essential for a fleeting escape from the uproar of the city, they also contribute to what most humans pursue in their life: happiness.


Sekolah Cikal Cilandak

School is the place where we spent most of our early years as children. Thus, it is important to pick the right institution. With the hands of Andra Matin as the main architect, Sekolah Cikal Cilandak offers an option for the people who seeks for comfort , beauty and a good education for their children.


In 2012, Pearson Index put Indonesia in their lowest rank on Global Education Index. Though 20% of Indonesia’s national budget is spent on education, the quality of our system is still far from its ideal state. is an online education portal that advises an alternative way in the education system, both for students and teachers.

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