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For the first time Converse is bringing its much coveted to Indonesia’s capital. This is your chance to have your music recorded at a professional studio with world-class engineers. Join the competition and have the chance to win a recording session and a trip to Brooklyn, New York. Converse Rubber Tracks is a worldwide competition that invites local bands/music acts from a wide variety of countries with an aim to reward their creativity by providing a recording trip to New York, all expenses covered. If you feel your band has what it takes to win, . Winners of the competition will be selected to record their selected track at the studio in Brooklyn. More information to follow soon. Keep your eyes open and your amps plugged in. Record your music. Keep your music. That’s how Converse does it. For more information regarding Converse Rubber Tracks please contact:


Negative Lovers – .38 Loves Me/Flooded Eye

Negative Lovers (formerly Denial) is a band quickly, if not already, getting attention of many independent music fans here in Indonesia. With a record that has been in the works for years now, it's great to finally see an official release from the group. What we have above is a music video featuring their song,  Flooded Eye, which is released digitally via Picture in My Ear Records Bandcamp and (according to the description) and as a b-side to .38 Loves me. The music feels a lot less abrasive on record than their high-frequency drenched live performances. With the low-ends & melodies becoming more apparent, the details of their compositions that are often submerged under the wave of noise are now visible, revealing rather elaborate arrangements. A treat to the ear (and for the colorful video a treat to the eyes), be sure to give the group a listen and purchase their music via the link below.

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