Notorious MSG


W_Music Series Vol.03: Notorious MSG

baddest Founded by ringleader, Hong Kong Fever, the "Yellow Gigolo", Down-Lo Mein, and latest third member, Hunan Bomb, the monosodium glutamate-named group has now been schooling planet earth and beyond with their Asian American gangster-ness for 9 years. With their latest offering, Heavy Ghetto, soon hitting a store near you (May 24th), the group shared some insights into their Notoriously MSG lives including their how they became so brollic, their crazy day to day activities, and the mysterious Angus Wong. This third installment of W_Music Series is produced personally by the group and their friends, so sit back as they (as their myspace bio says) "rip your asses in half with their high-sodium beats." [featured caption="W_Music Series Vol.03: Notorious MSG"] [/featured]

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