White Shoes and The Couples Company


W_Music Series Vol.04: White Shoes & The Couples Company

Formed in 2002 by Rio, Sari, Saleh, Mela, Ricky, and John—then students at IKJ (Art Institute of Jakarta) White Shoes & The Couples Company's self-described "Chamber Pop" brought a new and exciting style to then the current Indonesian music landscape. The band launched their self-titled debut album in 2005 under Aksara Records. In 2007 White Shoes and The Couples Company released an EP (Skenario Masa Muda) as a joint effort with Kineforum (Jakarta Arts Council's Fim Committee) and Sinematek Indonesia (Indonesian Movie Archives) to raise awareness as well as fund for the preservation of Indonesian old movie archives. Gaining worldwide recognition, their lively performances has been enjoyed not only by their fans in Indonesia but also overseas. The album, distributed by Minty Fresh Records, is also sold in Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Japan. After recently releasing their second full-length, Album Vakansi, W_Music had the privilege to talk to them about the album and travelling in general. Enjoy! [featured caption="W_Music Series Vol.04: White Shoes & The Couples Company"] [/featured]

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