This new mix is coming from a new friend - MYM - in Nagoya who's a regular selector at "Galactic" party in “outrecord” with his bro DJ J. Boy. They're not only into newly released records, but also old rare grooves. Enjoy! 1. Bobby Caldwell - Down For The Third Time 2. Daniel Sahuleka - Love Is In 3. Jade Warrior - Mountain Of Fruits And Flowers 4. George Duke - Capricorn 5. Latul - New Morning 6. Candido - Thousand Finger Man 7. Project Pablo - Follow It Up (Dandana Mix) 8. Soichi Terada/Sekitova - Foetus Traum (Make It Calm Mix) 9. Kaoru Akimoto - Dress Down 10. Roberto - Lunar Waves 11. Leif - July V 12. Joe - Tail Lift 13. Satoshi & Makoto - Tous Les Jours 14. Terekke - yrlv 15. Atlas - Indige 16. Yoshiyuki Ohsawa - Soshite Boku wa Toho ni Kureru (Special Dance Mix)

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