Reno Nismara

If I had to give this mix a title, then it would be Repetition is Change; simply because of the repetitive edge from the songs in it. I’m fond of repetition in sounds, whether it’s a Buddhism mantra, Kecak chants, or the motorik beat of Klaus Dinger. For this mix, I handpicked fifteen songs that are on the top of my mind when I think about repetitions in rock & roll (at least when I was putting this mix together). So I present to you all: Repetition is Change. 1. Moon Duo - Mirror’s Edge 2. The Advisory Circle - Mind How You Go Now 3. Can - One More Night 4. Dead Skeletons - Psychodead 5. Fat White Family - Whitest Boy on the Beach 6. The Vacant Lots - Mad Mary Jones 7. The Horrors - Monica Gems (Daniel Avery Remix) 8. Klaus Johann Grobe - Geschichten aus erster Hand 9. Broadcast - Pendulum 10. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - La Façon Dont La Machine Vers l'Arriere 11. Les Big Byrd - Stockholm Death Star 12. Primal Scream - Autobahn 66 13. Cavern of Anti-Matter - Phototones 14. Dungen - Achmed flyger 15. Spectrum - Take Your Time


Swara Gembira

Identitas serta ragam warna musik tradisional nusantara terus tergerus seiring dengan derasnya industri musik dunia. Kekhawatiran ini melahirkan keinginan Swara Gembira untuk mencoba menghadirkan lantunan-lantunan kidung dari Sabang hingga Merauke yang terkurasi dan terkemas relevan bagi muda-mudi Indonesia. 1. Ro Arwo Ibrin - Female Group (Musik dari Biak, Irian Jaya) 2. We Oe - Sesi String (Musik dari Tenggara Sumbawa, Sumba, Timor) 3. Hitam Manis - Musik Ronggeng (Musik Melayu dari Sumatra dan Kepulauan Riau) 4. Mangani-Woper Rum Sireb-Swan Womi-Mansren-Imnis Kaku (Yospan) - Group Wambarèk (Musik dari Biak, Irian Jaya) 5. Stambul Bila - Mama Ong ( Musik dari pinggir kota Jakarta) 6. Opak Apem - Banyuwangi (Lagu sebelum petang) 7. Peranta - Musik Mendu (Musik Melayu dari Sumatra dan Kepulauan Riau) 8. Gondang Parsahadatan Tu Saluhut Sahula Habonara (Music dari Toba) - Indonesia- (Music dari Nias & Sumatra Utara- Ho Ho, Gendang Karo, Gondang Toba) 9. Rangsang - Sekaha Sekar Karya (Lombok, Kalimantan, Banyumas: Dikenal sebagai Gamelan & Wayang) 10. Ahmadi - Zapin Music (Musik Melayu dari Sumatra dan Kepulauan Riau) 11. Tetalu Tiga: Daun Iris/Panca Marga - Grup Topeng Betawi Panca Mekar (Musik Betawi dan Sunda dari Pantai Utara Jakarta) 12. Djanger Bali - Tony Scott And The Indonesian Allstars (Djanger Bali)


jan k (Spring Rituals #2)

The W_Musician from Germany is back with a new mixtape for spring. Enjoy the selection from jan k on this episode of Selected! 1.Pedro Santos - Ritual Negra 2. Mor Thiam - Ayo Ayo Nene 3. El Babaku - El Lupe Chango 4. The Lightmen Plus One - All Praises to Allah (Parts 1 & 2) 5. The Detroit Jazz Composers Ltd - Yes Lord 6. John Coltrane & Don Cherry - The Blessing 7. Dorothy Ashby - Dust 8. Norman Riley - Colors 9. Michael White - Praise Innocence 10. High Risk - Common Woman 11. Maki Asakawa - Govinda 12. Andrew Ashong - Flowers



Twilight Bayside Mix I have a deep fond for, and always fascinated by how some musicians are drawn into creating music that affiliates, or relates to the atmosphere of summer. Crystal clear beaches, sunlight through the palm trees, sound of waves crashing into each other. I believe that we tend to search for tranquility in nature. It is how we are built. Here are assorted sea shells to evoke your inner holiday in paradise island. A platter of sea food for the soul. 1. Leon Lowman - Morning Song (Sound Horizon - self-released, 1982) 2. MFSB - Poinciana (MFSB - Epic Records, 1973) 3. Makoto Iwabuchi - Moonlight Flight (Super Moon - Columbia Japan, 1977) 4. Akira Inoue, Hiroshi Sato, Masataka Matsutoya - Melting Blue (Seaside Lovers - Memories in Beach House - CBS/Sony, 1983) 5. Iasos - Bamboo Grove Samba (Bora Bora 2000 - Magrita, 1991) 6. Minako Yoshida - Rainbow Sea Line (Minako - RCA, 1975) 7. Guru Guru Sun Band - Taoma (Hey Du - Brain, 1979) 8. Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki, Tatsuro Yamashita - Kiska (Pacific - CBS/Sony, 1978) 9. Taeko Onuki - Nanimo Iranai (Sunshower - PanAm, 1977) 10. Nohelani Cypriano - Lihue (Nohelani - HanaOla Records, 1979) 11. Lio - Sage Comme Une Image (Suite Sixtine - Attic, 1983) 12. Electric Mind - Summing Up (Summing Up - Good Vibes, 1982) 13. Chris Watson - 10m (Oceanus Pacificus - Touch, 2007) 14. VDB Joel - Kinderspiel (Prospective Metropolis/Digital Project - Coloursound Library, 1989)


Taufiq Rahman (

Presenting Taufiq Rahman: music fan, thinker, schemer and one of the founders of as well as being political editor of The Jakarta Post. 01. The Southern Beach Terror - Zombie Pipeline 02. The Aay Jays - The Aay Jays Theme 03. Dara Puspita - Pusdi 04. Moha Jamin - Ashk-e Roya E Bashkahe 05. Iggy Pop - The Passenger 06. Television - Marquee Moon 07. Galaxie 500 - Tell Me 08. Bryan Eno - I’ll Come Running 09. Omar Khorshid - Raqset Al Fada 10. Jokers - Better Days 11. Homicide - Rima Ababil 12. Roman Catholic Skulls - Drooling Ghoul (Roman Catholized)


Orpheu The Wizard! (Red Light Radio)

A man of many talents, Orpheu de Jong (The Wizard!) of the influential Red Light Radio Amsterdam is (amongst many other things) a record sleeve designer, disco party guru, magazine publisher, obsessive vinyl collector and a very nice chap. We're fortunate enough to be given an exclusive, eclectic and smashing mix by The Wizard! for your listening pleasure. Savour the moment. 01. Vito Ricci - I was crossing a bridge 02. The System - Pendy! You're In Some Awful Danger 03. Hamsi Boubeker - M'Rhaba 04. Ahmed Fakroun - Ya Farhi' Bik 05. Elektro-Dschungel - Kebabträume/Liebe Gabi 06. Ahmed Fakrun - Nisyan 07. Katarina II - Treba Da Se Čisti 1 08. Du-Du-A - Znaš Li Devojku 09. Bella Vista - Mister Wong 10. François Thévenon - Automatic (Adjustements Disco edit) 11. Philippe Chany - Cairo Connection 12. Unknown - Mateki (Cos/Mes remix) 13. Magical Power Mako - East World… I Love You


Ricky Virgana

This mixtape has played a deep musical role that keeps me accompanied to find creativity in my own solitude. In spite of its full meaning as a part of my inspiration, i feel that more musical elements and sound effects could have been integrated to empower the afterglow tone. However, the composer chose to leave hollow spaces in the originality of its melody. Listening to this mixtape profoundly, i envision that the composer attempted to give latitude to the audience, or other artists, to explore their imagination by filling in the cavity in the melody as a freedom of musical expression. 01. Serge Gainsbourg - Valse de Melody 02. Joe Meek - Love Dance of the Saroos 03. Delia Derbyshire - Air (Bach) 04. The Montgolfier Brothers - Even If My Mind Can't tell You 05. Atlas Sound - Valley of the Saroos (joe meek cover) 06. Syd Barrett - Terrapin 07. Nick Drake - Northern Sky 08. Broadcast - Before We Begin 09. Can - Cascade Waltz 10. Yusef Lateef - The Plum Bossom 11. Chopin plays by Emanuel Feurman (cellist) - Nocturne in E flat major


Marcel Thee

"Days of Being Wild" Is the title of this Selected mixtape by Sajama Cut's frontman, Marcel Thee. The band is due to release their 4th full-length, Hobgoblin, an album 5-years in the making. In this episode of Selected, Marcel shares a mixtape featuring ten songs with us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 01. Bastro – Demons Begone 02. Wire – Champs 03. Black Flag – Depression 04. Danzig – Am I Demon 05. Beck – I Get Lonesome 06. Joy Division – Wildenerness (Live at the Factory, Hulme) 07. Swell Maps – H.S Art 08. Jesus Lizard – If You Had Lips 09. Arp – From a Balcony Overlooking the Sea 10.Bill Callahan – Eid Ma Clack Shaw

W_Music’s Best of 2016

Every year is a good year for music. While releasing a brand new mixtape every Tuesday and Friday, the W_Music team has been listening and jamming to a bunch of new releases this year. From seasoned vets to exciting newcomers, 2016 has given us a whole lot of great music, so it is only right that our team share some of our favorites. From pop, rock, dance to hip hop, here are the W_Music team's favorite songs of 2016. 01. L.A. Salami - I Wear This Because Life Is War 02. Weyes Blood - Generation Why 03. Princess Nokia - Tomboy 04. Touché Amoré - Eight Seconds 05. Julien Baker - Ballad of Big Nothing 06. Collapse - Given 07. Bullion - Never Is the Change (12" Take) 08. TCP - A Voice Across The Nile (Moscoman Rework) 09. MOOD HUT- Better 10. Julian Lage - Persian Rug 11. Big Thief - Vegas 12. Jeff Parker - Here Comes Ezra 13. Mall grab - "i just wanna". 14. Turnstile - "come back for more" 15. Danny brown - "really doe (ft ab-soul, kendrick lamar & earl sweatshirt)". 16. Danny Brown - Really Doe 17. Keita Sano - Explosion 18. Floating Points - Kuiper

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