Ade Paloh and His Go-To Songs to Stay Up Late


Ade Paloh and His Go-To Songs to Stay Up Late

Imagine hanging around with Ade Paloh and being serenaded with this mix.

by Whiteboard Journal


You know him – he’s the vocalist of SORE and has distinguished vocal that you can identify easily. His vocal is so bold, he can cover any songs and own it with attitude. With his bossa nova reference, we though when we invited him to be the Selected guest, he’ll come up with that specific genre. Turned out, he gave us a list of songs which he usually listens to whenever he’s up late, smoking, contemplating or biking. Enjoy!

1. Ilya – They Died for Beauty
2. Lee Fields & The Expressions – Special Night
3. Sugar Candy Mountain – Summer of Our Discontent
4. Eggstone – Taramasalata
6. Chicano Batman – La Samoana
7. Flo Morrissey & Matt E. White – Thinking About You
8. Yellow Day – Gap in the Clouds
9. Dion – Only You Know
10. Crumb – So Tired
11. BadBadNotGood – In Your Eyeswhiteboardjournal, logo