Jirapah Presents “The Old and the New”


Jirapah Presents “The Old and the New”

A playlist that represents Jirapah’s wide-range of inspiration for their performance in IDGAF.

by Whiteboard Journal


As one of the live music performances for I Don’t Give A Fest, a multiplatform streaming festival which boasts the freshest music acts, comedy and talks, Jirapah has prepared an ambitious set which looks back at their 10-year catalog as well as inviting Efek Rumah Kaca’s Cholil Mahmud and Rara Sekar to the stage. 

“Jirapah’s performance for Whiteboard Journal was a special one, not just because of our very special guests, but we also attempted to represent the band’s 10-year catalog, performing songs from our first EP, singles, to songs that haven’t even been released yet. With that being said, this playlist attempts to represent that performance’s wide-range of inspiration: from the moods we want to convey, favorite artists, the old and the new, music styles, composition, theatrics, to why we wanted these talented guest musicians to perform with us.”

Catch their performance on I DON’T GIVE A FEST (IDGAF), a multiplatform streaming festival which will be broadcast on 6 platforms, Pop Hari Ini, USS Feeds, Samara Live, IDN Times, Majelis Lucu Indonesia, and Whiteboard Journal on 19-27 December 2020.whiteboardjournal, logo