Keenhouse and His Soundtrack for Big Cities


Keenhouse and His Soundtrack for Big Cities

We made a new friend, a German-Indonesian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Ken Rangkuty aka Keenhouse!

by Whiteboard Journal


Stargazing, metropolitan gloom, high-rise towers. Slick Abstraction, alley techno, urban dreamery. The final frontier, futurism, and themes for big cities. Electronic storytelling that is danceable. Long-standing favorite plus an original by Keenhouse in this 45min mix.

1. Shinichi Atobe – Ship Scope
2. Joe Hisashi – Play On The Sands
3. Laurent Garnier – The Cloud Making Machine Pt1
4. Keenhouse – Diary 11
5. Cornelius – An Electric Storm
6. Trickski – Hormony
7. Jakatta – Shimmering Stars (Joey Negro Galaxarian Dub)
8. Agoria – Europe
9. Crystal – Crystal Forest
10. CIM – RNA (Edit)
11. Jokers of the Scene – In Order To Trance
12. Mark Fell – Multistability 7-Bwhiteboardjournal, logo