Mairakilla Presents “Samurai who Smells of Sunflower”


Mairakilla Presents “Samurai who Smells of Sunflower”

For the love of samurai!

by Whiteboard Journal


Instead of watching new films, maybe it’s time to rewatch your favorite movies. Hoping that you would forget some of the details so that it feels like watching for the first time. While reliving the excitement of watching it with fresh eyes. 

This week we have Mairakilla to soundtrack your upcoming days. When creating this playlist, she asked her mom what artwork should be used, then she replied, “Why not use 7 Samurai? It’s your grandfather’s favorite movie.” So, she did and it reminded her about her all time favorite anime, “Samurai Champloo”. With that, this playlist is dedicated to her grandfather and her love for samurai.whiteboardjournal, logo