Sattle Presents You A Mix for the Wild Ones


Sattle Presents You A Mix for the Wild Ones

He wants you to get wild.

by Whiteboard Journal


If you’re one who frequents going to parties around Jakarta and Bandung, you might have seen his name on the line-up every now and then. Satria Angga Pradja, or better known by his moniker Sattle, is an electronic music producer-slash-DJ who holds a pivotal role in the movement of the underground electronic music scene. He’s responsible for a monthly show with Norrm Radio called “Mind Pop” which is comprised of a serendipitous recollection of sounds, while also being part of Bandung’s own wild boys Push/Pull.

His newest EP “Heuristic” was chosen to be this year’s Record Store Day exclusive, and with that, we invited him to make mix and as a result, here he shares a mix of his favorite Electro/Ghetto/Jungle tunes for those wilds who want to push in or pull out their animal behavior.

1. Elecktroids – Japanese Elecktronics
2. Mutron – Ryuhgoojyo
3. Transparent Sound – Etincelle
4. Interfunk feat. Elektra-Entertainment – U Got My Number
5. Los Hermanos Rodriguez – The Hague Is The Plague
6. DJ DMC – Birth Control
7. Nick Hook, Vin Sol & MATRiXXMAN – Wayz
8. DJ Deeon feat. DJ Funk – Put it in yo mouth
9. Rufige Kru & Tek 9 – Del De Go Go
10. Mutsumi – Im Really Pissedwhiteboardjournal, logo