Yogha Prasiddhamukti Presents You A Roller-Coaster Mix


Yogha Prasiddhamukti Presents You A Roller-Coaster Mix

To accompany your daily routines in Jakarta.

by Febrina Anindita


As one of the ‘it’ guys in the local music scene, Yogha Prasiddhamukti aka Jurassicphunk has a long list of associations you might familiar with. From being a vocalist of a band called Skandal, active member of Studiorama, one of the initiators of regular party in Mondo by the Rooftop called Gaduh, owner of indie cassette label called Winona Tapes and recently being a DJ here and there.

Seeing how he’s able to juggle his social activities with work as an editor, we think he must have an interesting music reference. So this Selected we have Siddha who came up with a multigenre mixtape that sums up his daily routines in Jakarta, from early morning, through the day until late at night.

1. Bob Dorough – “Three is the Magic Number”
2. New Order – “Cries and Whispers”
3. Crack Cloud – “Drab Measure”
4. Fugazi – “Bad Mouth”
5. My Bloody Valentine – “Drive It All Over Me”
6. The Dentists – “I Had An Excellent Dream”
7. Stereolab – “Miss Modular”
8. Joe Bataan – “Aftershower Funk”
9. Dreamatic – “Audio Trip”
10. 1-800 GIRLS – “U, Me and Madonna”
11. John Coltrane – “My Favorite Things”whiteboardjournal, logo