Welcoming July with extra kick from Sunmantra.

by Febrina Anindita


This mixtape represents infinite colours inside post techno music. There are no exact concept or anything fix on it like maths – you can’t predict any of this. The sound of rock guitar, new wave polyphonic synths, psychedelic keys, Arabian sound, balearic percussion, analog monophonic synthesizers mixed with four by four beats and EBM bass is how we describe this mixtape.

1. VoX LoW – Now We’re Ready to Spend
2. Cabaret Nocturne – Occult Spells
3. Tulioxi – You are Bad Luck (Freudenthal Remix)
4. Tronik Youth – Psycho Bubble
5. Moscoman – Devoue (Manfredas Remix)
6. Sunmantra – When You Bite My Lips (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
7. Autarkic – Bongos & Tambourines (Simple Symmetry Remix)
8. Midnight Dicers, Samy Morpheus – Find a Place (Beyond Space and Time) (Smagghe & Cross Remix)
9. Jennifer Touch – Sell (Curses Remix)
10. Pardon Moi – Touch2Much (Curses Remix)
11. Curses – Pedal To The Metal And Don’t Look Back
12. Permanent Wave – Everything Is Changing
13. Bruit Fantome – Kosmos
14. Undo – Disconnect (Zombies In Miami Remix)
15. La Mverte & Alejandro Paz – Show Me the Law (La Mverte Diversion)
16. Low Manuel – Fishbone (Curses Remix)
17. Black Merlin – 12515
18. Sinchi Music – Kappa Cygnidswhiteboardjournal, logo