Bam Bam Jam

Bam Bam Jam


Bergas is back with a new Bam Bam Jam. Turn up your speakers or put on your headphones and get ready to be hypnotised by his groovy selection! Listen to this episode of Bam Bam Jam on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud. 01. MIRO- Safari Of Love 02. Sexual Herrasment - I Need A freak 03. ABC - Chicago 04. Kasso - Key West ( JellyBean Mix) 05. Montana Orchestra- It Looks Like Love (Club 89 Remix) 06. DJ KAOS - Horny Morning Loop (DrDunksKaoticMix) 07. John Tejada - TimeBomb 08. Chez Damier - Mix Master 09. Cappucino - Hell dance with me 10. Stephan Eicher - Nice (Robi Insinna reWork Dub) 11. Crystal & S. Koshi - Break The Dawn 12. SKREAM- You know right 13. John Rocca - I Want It To Be Real (Farley´s Hot House Piano Mix) 14. Paulette Ivory - Dancing In The Sunshine (Sunshine Mix)

Bam Bam Jam


The return of Bam Bam Jam! The latest mixtape by Bergas with tracks by DJ SPUN, SLOPE, Jose Padilla, Detroit Swindle, to Komodo! Listen to the latest Bam Bam Jam episode on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud page. 01. The Keeper - "Quivering Crevice" 02. DJ SPUN- freestyle jamz edit 03. Komodo- Sand Dunes 04. Split Secs - Corduroy City 05. Sano - Hasta Abajo 06. Palms Trax- Late Jam 07. SLOPE- BassCheck 08. Franck Roger - To Me 09. Jay Shepheard - Live on 10. DJ Sdunkero - Choosing Love 11. Jose Padilla- Lollopop ( Dream 2 Science Remix) 12. It's Beter Than A Good Time Edit 13. DETROIT SWINDLE - Howsmusic 14. Bullion - Never Is The Change (12" Take)

Bam Bam Jam


Listen to Bam Bam Jam Vol.14 on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud. Here you go, my after after hour live set at THISTHATMEDIA Corp Studio in Bandung. THISTHATMEDIA Corp Studio is own by the great people of BLAB STORE who help Bandung look sharp and skate hella HARD!!!!! THISTHATMEDIA Corp Studio is the perfect place for all your Recording and DJing essential need in Bandung, and I'm really thankful and blessed to have this live set done at their immaculate studio. To top it of, I got to enjoy sweet treats from Arromanis Cake Shop located just a skid away. For more info on THISTHATMEDIA Corp please visit: or contact BLAB STORE+6285624611112 and here's their instagrams: @blabbdg @arromanis Hope you enjoy the mix as much as I enjoyed dong it =)

Bam Bam Jam


New Mix...AfroEpicDisco... to sum it up... Vaaaamoooossssss... Listen to Bam Bam Jam episode 13 on Whiteboard Journal's Mixlcloud! Playlist: 01. Dread At The Controls - Adesse Versions 02. Biggie - Benedikt Frey Version 03. Feelin Fine - SynchroJack 04. KHLHI - Percussions 05. Hey, Don't Make Trouble - Auntie Flo 06. Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix) 07. Reach Out - BigBear003 08. Feel The Street - DJ Tonka vs Deskee (original Disco Mix) 09. Check It Out - Da Hooligans 10. Over & Over - Sylvester (Malawi Rocks Remix) 11. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This - Idris Muhammad

Bam Bam Jam


Hope you can enjoy this 12th show while waiting for that great Change and the lovely summer =) Listen to this episode of Bam Bam Jam on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud. Tracklist: 01. No P's - Keep It Cheap 02. NY Edits Vol.3 03. Firefly - Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) 04. Paul Lewis - Inner City Blues 05. Sameed - Money 06. OutCast - She lives in my Lap ( Instrumental) 07. BoogieFuturo 001 08. Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Natural Born Chillers Remix) 09. African Shakedown Vol.2 10. NeneH C - Buffalo Stance 11. Todd Terje - Inspector Norse 12. Sir Own - Hooked

Bam Bam Jam


Here you go the 11th mix everyone. Have a great fasting and Ramadan month, and this is a mix for the 1 and 2 :D Playlist: 01. Overture - Metro 02. Raw Cuts- Marcellus P Mix 03. Battle for Middle you - Maurice Donovan Dub 04. This Go - Wally Callerio 05. John Swing RTV012 Promo 06. Dont take it - Armando (Johny Fiasco Mix) 07. Seriuis Trouble 01 08. Deep Inside - Hard Drive 09. Psychedelic Symmetry - Free Disco 10. Raw Cuts 4 - MCDE 11. Kiss my Colog - Boe & Zak 12. Wear It Out - Harvey Re-Edit 13. Sunshower - Nami & Soichi (L Levan Mix) 14. Boogie's Gonna Get Ya (Instrumental) - Rafael Cameron 15. Moral Tem Hora - Christina Camargo

Bam Bam Jam


The 10th Jam is here, been DJing here and there and meeting so many happy and great faces on the dance floor. Hope the shows will also do the same for all of you. Massive thanks for making us one of your Bookmarks. Enjoy!!!!! Visit Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud Page to listen to Bam Bam Jam Vol.10 Playlist: 1. THE BARKING DOGS (Feat. Young Marco) - MARGHERITA 2. RHYTHMIC THEORY - 001 3. TONY G - Simple Dreams (Young Marco Remix) 4. BOE & ZAK - KISS MY COLOG 5. AFRICAN SHAKEDOWN 2 6. DOC DANEEKA - TRIFE PT.II 7. METRO AREA - CAUGHT UP 8. DAS ETWAS - GO AHEAD 9. SSOL 10. TIMES ARE RUFF - OHRIGHT 11. DADDY'S FAVOURITE - GOOD TIMES 12. ATMOSPHERE STRUT 13. FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY - YOU'RE MY PEACE OF MIND

Bam Bam Jam

Vol. 09

Freshly toasted, spread with butter and sprinkled with your choices of sweetz. Enjoy the new show and please keep checking W_MUSIC for more great treats! Listen to this mixtape on our Mixcloud Page! We are indeed open 24 hours folks! 01. Duran Duran - Faith in this colour 02. The 3 Sounds - Still i'm sad 03. NEFERTT - Cleo's Spot 04. Tigerskin - Too Hot 05. MARIAAAAhHHH - Dreamlover (Def Tribal Mix) 06. Ghost Train - Ghost Train 07. Secret Squirrel 1 - Track 2 08. Mr Gone - Do for Love ( Radio Slave Mix) 09. Sir Bed & Sir Go - Brighten up Brighter 10. Cottam - The other World 11. DUBINSKY - Woman 12. FNM - VERDE 13. Those Guys - Love, Love, Love (Hump Mix W/ Chant)

Bam Bam Jam


Just really glad to finally get the 2 Bears Mix of John Wizard's Muizenberg, a perfect piece to open the mix with its "breezy pop that coconut" feeling. Check other works by John Wizard out now on Planet Mu. As far as the mix goes, well... just hit the play button n enjoy. Many thanks for listening and the support!!!! 01. John Wizard - Muizenberg (2 Bears Mix) 02. Arthur Baker - I.O.U (Organ Ride) 03. OFFMSG - Hott 04. C.o.m.b.i - love ecstasy 05. Ultracity - Delta 06. Frank Booker - Dance Woman 07. DP-3 - Wild Sax edits 08. Candi Staton - Do Your Duty (Erectus Rework) 09. Unfinished Business - Out Of My Hands (Instrumental) 10. The Reflex - Curious It Is (The Reflex Revision) 11. Kleer - Open Your Mind

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