Bam Bam Jam

Bam Bam Jam


Bergas is back with a new Bam Bam Jam. Turn up your speakers or put on your headphones and get ready to be hypnotised by his groovy selection! Listen to this episode of Bam Bam Jam on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud. 01. MIRO- Safari Of Love 02. Sexual Herrasment - I Need A freak 03. ABC - Chicago 04. Kasso - Key West ( JellyBean Mix) 05. Montana Orchestra- It Looks Like Love (Club 89 Remix) 06. DJ KAOS - Horny Morning Loop (DrDunksKaoticMix) 07. John Tejada - TimeBomb 08. Chez Damier - Mix Master 09. Cappucino - Hell dance with me 10. Stephan Eicher - Nice (Robi Insinna reWork Dub) 11. Crystal & S. Koshi - Break The Dawn 12. SKREAM- You know right 13. John Rocca - I Want It To Be Real (Farley´s Hot House Piano Mix) 14. Paulette Ivory - Dancing In The Sunshine (Sunshine Mix)

Bam Bam Jam


The return of Bam Bam Jam! The latest mixtape by Bergas with tracks by DJ SPUN, SLOPE, Jose Padilla, Detroit Swindle, to Komodo! Listen to the latest Bam Bam Jam episode on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud page. 01. The Keeper - "Quivering Crevice" 02. DJ SPUN- freestyle jamz edit 03. Komodo- Sand Dunes 04. Split Secs - Corduroy City 05. Sano - Hasta Abajo 06. Palms Trax- Late Jam 07. SLOPE- BassCheck 08. Franck Roger - To Me 09. Jay Shepheard - Live on 10. DJ Sdunkero - Choosing Love 11. Jose Padilla- Lollopop ( Dream 2 Science Remix) 12. It's Beter Than A Good Time Edit 13. DETROIT SWINDLE - Howsmusic 14. Bullion - Never Is The Change (12" Take)

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