Vol.08: Ruins Alone

Established in 1985, Tatsuya Yoshida's Ruins Alone is a very influential act in the Japanese underground. Tatsuya Yoshida perform compositions that are overwhelming in their complexity, but whose performance are hypnotizing - keeping listeners attention with the intricacy and energy of the drums. Equipped with a drum kit, a microphone, a sampler, a Kaoss pad and effect, Ruins Alone performed at Kemang's Dia.Lo.Gue artspace October 5, 2013, for Whiteboard Journal's very first live Setlist event. Tatsuya Yoshida's manic and disciplined handling of the instruments is jaw-dropping, making this an episode of Setlist you cannot miss.


Vol.07: White Shoes and the Couples Company

is a name everyone into Indonesian music should be familiar with. The group that consists of Sari (vocals), Mela (Keys & Synth), Rio (Guitar), Saleh (Guitar), Ricky (Bass), and John (Drums), have been consistently made great Indonesian pop songs for over a decade now and they just keep getting better and better. This episode of Setlist was recorded during the release of the group's 'Six Live Selection' at an intimate performance in our very own W_Space. Making their own versions of their favorite songs, this is a very special performance everyone should listen to. 01. Crosstown Traffic (originally performed by: Jimmy Hendrix) 02. Selangkah Ke Seberang (originally performed by: Fariz RM) 03. La Javanaise (originally performed by: Serge Gainsbourg) 04. Pathetic Waltz (originally performed by: Pure Saturday) 05. Tjangkurileung 06. Si Mesin Waktu (originally performed by: Naif) 07. Matahari (by: WSATCC)


Vol.06: Polka Wars

Many musicians are predictable. There is almost no line separating one track and the next, and the next, and the next. As important it is for a band to have a distinctive style that can, and should, strengthen its identity, it is just as important to have a bit of diversity to keep the music fresh. Polka Wars, which joined the dynamic Jakarta music scene in the beginning of 2010, is one of the bands that attempts to present something new. And though their music is not the kind that would be perfect to accompany you on a slow, Sunday afternoon, the volume of the combined sounds of guitars, drums, and recently, a saxophone, evokes strong emotions without draining your energy. Though they’ve been active for over two years, in 2012 the group consisting of principal members Karaeng Adjie, Giovanni Rahmadeva, Xandega Tahajuansya & Billy Saleh gained a lot of attention from the media, concert organizers and avid music goers. Horse’s Hooves Sanctuary Obese Elves


Vol.05: The Experience Brothers

Back in November 2001, brothers Ibrahim Saladdin and Daud Sarassin formed the band whose name was inspired by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Influenced by The Who, The Beatles – among several other legends of the 1960s and 1970s – these two brothers are recognized in the independent music sphere of Indonesia for their brand of rock and roll. Perhaps the comfort of performing with someone you are tied to by blood has also impacted the way The Experience perform their songs, all of which are in English. The casual, but confident vibe of this two-man band is what makes their performances memorable. Their debut album, Summer of Love, was released in 2007 and their second album, Eye Contact, made it to the third rank on Rolling Stone’s Top Ten Charts in 2011. We invited the duo to practice and recording space Studio Taman in Kemang a month ago and they showed us why they are a group that everybody has their eyes on. Heart Painted Black Young Men Little Pony


Vol.03: Stars and Rabbit

Seeming to come out of nowhere, Stars and Rabbit made a splash in the music scene late 2011. The group masterminded by Elda Suryani and Adi Widodo originally formed in Yogyakarta early 2011 but soon created a buzz for themselves when they performed in Jaya Pub’s monthly event, Superbad!, in December 2011. Since then the group has been the focus of many’s attention, and deservedly so. Elda’s approach to both her vocal projection and performance stands out as her voice, which recalls Bjork and Joanna Newsom, towers over Adi Widodo’s introspective guitar strumming and plucking, while her body moves frantically as if possessed by the music. Whiteboard Journal had the pleasure of having Stars and Rabbit perform 3 songs at W_Space Kemang, and we hope you enjoy the performance! Worth It You Were the Universe Man Upon the Hill


Vol.02: Swimming Elephants

The Jakarta-based band Swimming Elephants, a group of young people formed by Rizki Yogaswara (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Gilar Di Aria (keyboards, guitars, percussions), Wisnu Anditta (drums, percussions, vocals), Saras Juwono (vocals, keyboard, recorder), Aprillia DH (keyboards, glockenspiels. percussions) and Ranggi Mukti (bass). Finding their name after watching The Fall by Tarsem Singh, Swimming Elephants’ music reflect the members love for film as their brand of pop-folk is cinematic with arrangements that often snowball into dramatic parts, vocal harmonies that swell, Rizki Yogaswara’s voice soaring over the music, and lyrics that convey stories of longing and nostalgia. Whiteboard Journal had the pleasure of having Swimming Elephants perform their songs at W_Space, our gallery in Kemang, showing us (and you, of course) why they are a group that deserve our attention. Enjoy! Sarah Digicam 2 Marion


Vol.01: Hightime Rebellion

The Jakarta-based indie band Hightime Rebellion was formed by Rendy (vocals/piano/guitar), Pulung (bass), Jason (guitar), and Reza(drums), in 2007, and later came the addition of Miyane (vocals) and Adji (guitar). With the mixture of Brit pop, funk, folk, and rock, they’re paving their way on the diversity of Indonesia’s music scene and gaining public attention as well. This year, they had the honour to rock the stages of huge music events in Indonesia such as Nylon Music Festival, Trax FM Terusik Traxkustik, Java Rockin’Land and Beatfest – such great opportunities came as a fruitage to their early experiences of performing at indie gigs in Jakarta and its neighbour, Bandung. Aside performing in big events, this year they’re also working on a debut album under FFWD Records. Sail Mines Melody Taker


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