Sawi Lieu


Sawi Lieu

by Ken Jenie


A name becoming more and more familiar in Jakarta’s burgeoning music scene, Sawi Lieu affinity for the strange and wonderful experimental music shines through his work in Sangsaka Worship and most recently his solo album, Pasaraya. The explorative musician shared this mix with Whiteboard Journal, a 37-minute long compilation titled Music For Interior (Windham Hill Tribute). Enjoy the mix!

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01. Steve Roach – Gone West (Rasa Dance – The Music Of Connection, Epona 2013)
02. Claudio Dentes – Camden Town (Pantarei, Mirto 1978)
03. Carlos Maria Trindade & Nuno Canavarro – The Truth (Mr.Wollogallu, Uni„o Lisboa 1991)
04. Bitchin Bajas – Krausened (Krausened, Permanent Records 2013)
05. Inner Tube – Faisal’s Pad (S/T, Pacific City Sound Vision 2012)
06. Saeko Suzuki – ?????? (The Law Of The Green, Midi Inc. 1985)
07. Pic-Nic – Negra Estrella (S/T, Hispavox 1968)
08. Rangers – Zombies (Day) (Pan Am Stories, Not Not Fun 2011)whiteboardjournal, logo