Lutesha Presents “A Study of Melancholy”


Lutesha Presents “A Study of Melancholy”

A character study for the melancholic.

by Whiteboard Journal


How often do you create playlists for yourself? Does it depend on the mood you’re in, or is it more of a monthly recurring activity for you to discover new music?

For Lutesha, making a playlist is also a way to delve into a character she’s going to portray. Such as this edition of Selected. “A good friend of mine once told me to make a music playlist as a way to deepen my understanding of a character. So I tried this method for the character Suci in the film ‘Bebas’. I compiled some music released before 1995, according to the time set on the film. The songs chosen in this playlist correspond to the character of Suci that wasn’t shown on film, in which I saw her as melancholic. Filled with indie pop, dream pop, shoegaze, R&B, to slow core, I feel this playlist connects my own character to Suci’s.”whiteboardjournal, logo