Introducing ChopShots 2014
04/15/14 · 32,668 Views · wjournal

The Southeast Asian documentary film festival, ChopShots, is back for its second year from April 22–27 in Jakarta. Organized by the Goethe-Institut, ChopShots serves as a platform to bring both the Southeast Asian and the international documentary scene together. This festival gathers documentary enthusiasts as well as documentary makers themselves for a chance to screen their work and build networks. 

There will be six different screening venues: GoetheHaus, Kineforum TIM, TIM XXI, SAE Institute, BINUS fX Campus and Komunitas Salihara. Along with the Southeast Asian documentaries, entries for international competition will be screened as well. The films to appear in the festival will tell stories of shared realities of different countries and cultures around the world. The weeklong event also features lectures by speakers from the international jury for the open public, ranging from topics such as proposal writing and global market study.

ChopShots have released a trailer showing intriguing snippets of several documentaries that will be shown during the festival. For those who are interested in the documentary and digital industries, this event is not one to miss. Be sure to check out their official Twitter account, @ChopShotsFest, for updates.

Written by Suka Junin


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