Positive Vibrations with Anton Kuznetsov


Positive Vibrations with Anton Kuznetsov

by Febrina Anindita


Word: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: inrussia.com

Creating his own ‘storylines’ within the Russian music scene is one way of describing Kuznetsov or Antoha MC’s (as he’s better known) unconventional yet offbeat new energy in it. Taking his music into a way of telling the story of everyday experiences, Kuznetsov describes his process as “(getting) rid of all the superfluous stuff and transform the raw material into what’s really necessary.”

A combination of dream-like vibrations, combined with a realist composition into the rhythms of his inspirations, Kuznetsov shows the world just how much positive vibrations may be channeled through music that speaks about everyday muses—books, travels, moods created by a balanced lifestyle, and so on. Safe to say that Kuznetsov’s music is a literal ‘soundtrack’ to daily life, as he delivers his sincere and uplifting energy into each note.

The fresh, unique, yet enjoyable works of Kuznetsov may be a worthy alternative to the usual cliche rap, as his transcendent twist on rap can take his audience not only on an uplifting trip, but also a journey of nostalgia through the lyrics.whiteboardjournal, logo