Quick Review: Her


Quick Review: Her

by Febrina Anindita


Word: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: The Hollywood Reporter

Well, here’s a fresh yet somewhat twisted intake of how romance—both platonically and sexually—can be. Set in the near future, Spike Jonze tries to portray to us the ups and downs of being romantically hooked to a piece of machine. Through Her, Jonze definitely challenges his audience in redefining their understanding of how broad the term ‘modern love’ may be. And how literal—as he’s involving an actual product of modern technology into the equation.

Perhaps we’ve heard it countless times; how it’s possible for human relationships to develop and somehow change in this modern, digitalized age. However, Jonze actually takes us through the course of this movie to show how a lonely man can have a relationship through a machine; not with another person on the other side, but with the artificial intelligence of the machine itself. It definitely opens up our imaginations to realize not only how technology may have very far improvements in the future, but also how on a certain state of loneliness one might feel due to feeling alienated from one’s surroundings, one may actually consider having sex with an artificial intelligence—the details of which you may witness yourself by watching the film.

Overall, Her gives an explorative perspective and a whole new understanding of modern love. Presented in a poetic, calming, and beautifully written storyline, this one from Jonze definitely has what it takes to be considered a well curated and relevantly eye-opening piece of art, especially in a time where it becomes more necessary to understand the possibilities and difficulties of engaging in modern love.

Quick Review Her: 4.5/5

Her (2013)
Director: Spike Jonze
Synopsis: A young man who feels lonely and empty with his life develops a romantic relationship with an operating system, only to discover that the relationship may not be so picture-perfect after all.whiteboardjournal, logo