“Seks: Volume 3” Exhibition at Waga Gallery


“Seks: Volume 3” Exhibition at Waga Gallery

by Ken Jenie


note: Due to a mix up in scheduling (by me), this article is published late. Seks: Volume 3 exhibition took place 18 Dec until 26 Dec, 2013. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Whiteboard Journal had the opportunity to visit the opening of Seks Volume 3 at Waga Gallery, an exhibition  featuring the works of 8 artists and curated by Mitha Budhyarto (who was also responsible for curating this exhibition). In her opening remarks, Budhyarto explained her interest in curating the third Seks installment at Waga Gallery after visiting the previous exhibitions, where she became curious of the perspective an all-female ensemble would produce of the subject. She also mentioned that the exhibition took about 3 weeks to put together, a relatively short period of time for the artist to conceptualise and realise their ideas.

What resulted from from Mitha Budhyarto’s curiosity is an exhibition that is enjoyable in its brevity. The 8 artists involved illustrated their perspective of sex through forms and subjects that was relatable as well as digestible –  perhaps the result of the amount of time the artists had to work with, the familiarity of the subject, and the intimate environment of Waga Gallery. Sex is a subject everyone can relate to, and our reasonably firm understanding of sex enables us to easily enjoy focusing on the aesthetics, as well as appreciate the vantage points the artists decided to take.

Marishka Soekarna’s “Menikmati Lubang” (Enjoying Holes) are three dioramas in wooden boxes that viewers can see through peep holes. Looking through the peephole (the box illustrated with a woman’s private part, mouth, and diamond) are what I can only describe as  dreamy worlds with flowers and figurines, the surreal combination of objects conveying feelings. Natasha Gabriella Tontey’s video installation, “Vegetable Soup”, has the artist observing then chopping various phallic produce on a cutting board, an intimidating sight considering the video’s warm and sweet tones as well as Tontey’s granny/homemaker-like attire. Sanchia Hamidjaja “Belom”  (Not Yet) takes the form of a comic strip where a man situated between a woman’s legs does not seem know how to engage in cunnilingus, the woman occasionally looking at her phone from (I assume to be) boredom. “Belom” takes a more lighthearted approach to the sex, using it as a comedic context.

These are but a few examples of the works in Sex Volume 3 (you can view more via the images above). Even in its brevity, the exhibition not only displayed the artists’ talents but also their perspectives. The diversity in point of views and modes to communicate those point of views instantly became a highlight of this event, making an exhibition that is fun to explore and discuss. Hopefully we will see future exhibitions with the same zest.whiteboardjournal, logo