Sexually Luxurious


Sexually Luxurious

by Febrina Anindita


Words: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: Dezeen

Perhaps at first glance, the odd pairing of sexual fetishes and luxury might not be a desirable one. Savvas Laz however begs to differ, as proven by his Boudoir Fetiche furniture. The small collection consists of a mirror with borrowed elements from whips and crops and half covered in leather fringe, further looking like something out of bondage practices with its attached buckles and chords and a valet stand shaped like a metal ring designed for the transition of “the outer, social outfit to the fetish and sexual one.”

This dialogue between the dirty and glossy nature of each respective elements proves just how it’s really about a smooth-flowing conversation between opposing characters are not necessarily subject to dissonance. Proof that kinkiness may not always mean something dark or rather forbidden, and that with luxury it wouldn’t hurt to find a little bit of kinkiness. Perhaps moreover, it’s also about liberating artistic communities from being bound by conventional creativity, as Laz himself believes that “sexuality in general and fetishism in particular are subjects that the design community should start to freely discuss and talk about.” whiteboardjournal, logo