Soul Clap Gets Catchy


Soul Clap Gets Catchy

by Febrina Anindita


Words: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: Bandcamp

At first, the term “Synthesizer Girlfriend” might come of as confusing and not common enough to replay in your head. But after you actually give it a listen, you might feel differently about Soul Clap’s latest single, which not only contains really rhythmic beats, but also is actually really catchy to vibe along to. Nothing but positive energy is definitely what comes off “Synthesizer Girlfriend.”

Perhaps Soul Clap is trying to get into the audience’s soft spot for this catchy dance anthem, and surely it’s working for most. Accompanied with an equally vibrant, colorful music video, the single makes it only tempting to keep out for more from Soul Clap. Combining smooth-sounding vocals with a dash of electric feels on the repeated chorus, it may take a while to finally have enough of this latest work of theirs.whiteboardjournal, logo