The Fabric of the Cosmos Documentaries


The Fabric of the Cosmos Documentaries

by Ken Jenie


So if you have followed Whiteboard Journal these past two weeks, then you might have watched Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku explain the universe via his video lecture on Big Think titled “The Universe in a Nutshell.” Now that you are familiar with some of the concepts that go into constructing our reality, it’s time to delve deeper into the subject through The Fabric of the Cosmos, a series of documentaries detailing 4 main concepts that are prevalent in explaining how the universe works today. The documentaries are hosted by Theoretical Physicist Brian Greene, an expert on string theory and a best-selling author whose books are known to explain the theories in a smart and accessible way (including these documentaries, which are based on his book with the same name).

The Fabric of the Cosmos is divided into 4 parts: Space, Time, Quantum Physics, and the universe/multiverse. Each documentary is about one-hour in length, and explains concepts that seem bizarre with computer animation that makes them a whole lot easier to digest. As I watched these documentaries, it dawned on me at how bizarre some of the things in our universe can be. Some of the concepts that are explained are stranger than science fiction. As we learn more about our universe, we find things are familiar and elementary to simply be a matter of perception, and that reality perhaps holds more possibilities than we are accustomed to – that is what makes the gigantic universe we live in such a wonderful place to live in!

Watch the trailer above, and enjoy the full documentaries below.whiteboardjournal, logo