Duo Ubiet & Tohpati


Duo Ubiet & Tohpati

by Muhammad Hilmi


A collaboration between Tohpati and Ubiet is a collaboration between two or more music genres. It is a collaboration that combines guitar and string instruments of various sizes on one hand, with vocals or human voices on the other; or a collaboration between jazz and eclectic singing. Both sides will explore wide musical spectrums, in terms of rhythm, meter, melody, harmony, even textures and sonic colors.

This collaboration is also an attempt to overcome various difficulties often encountered in performance or music productions in Indonesia. A small ensemble has greater freedom to experiment, greater flexibility to anticipate situations and facilities; they also have the flexibility to perform on and off the stage.

This concert at Komunitas Salihara is Duo Ubiet-Tohpati’s premiere concert. Rearranging music by Ismail Marzuki, it is a commemoration of the maestro’s centennial anniversary. Ismail Marzuki composed diverse genres of music—from seriosa, patriotic songs, to keroncong. He passed away in Jakarta, in 1958.whiteboardjournal, logo