Pasar Kampung Ampel


Pasar Kampung Ampel

by Ken Jenie


Pasar Kampung Ampel serves as the market and public space for Surabaya’s Kampung Arab (Arab Village) and the general public who are interested in the aroma of spices and the dynamic cultures of Arabic, Javanese, Maduranese, Chinese, and Indian communities that live along Jalan Sasak.

Surabaya’s Kampung Arab is a section of the city with a middle-eastern atmosphere and is inhabited largely by people of Arabic, Indian, and Maduranese descent. Jalan Sasak is one of economic centers of Kampung Arab. During the day, Jalan Sasak is animated by the many book shops, parfume shops, muslim accessories-shops, arabic food-stalls – all of them complemented by the colonial architecture.

Event Content:
– Arabic, Indian, and Maduranese Culinary Market
– Arabic Coffee Stands
– Kampung Arab photography exhibition
– Walking tour
– Music performances
– Documentary Film Screening

Unit Pelaksana Teknis Dinas Wisata Religi Ampel
Soledad & The Sisters Co.
ARA Studio

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