by Febrina Anindita


Natasha Gabriella Tontey invites KASETAN, the cross-media artist duo Abi Rama and Rambo. KASETAN will explores their findings of used cassettes with two walkmans and audio mixer and will slaughter the following ‘Makan Mayit’ cassette by Dipha Barus & Ken Jenie with cannibalistic attitude.
Pisau Cinta is a newest song by Ken Jenie for Little Shop of Horrors Makan Mayit.

(Sat) February 11th 2017 starts at 6pm at @Footurama Store, Kemang Timur Raya 998

Solune, Moustapha Spliff, Lion Rock, and Domshit will join the amorous massacre in jovial in this peculiar month of love.

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