A Pop Up Shop by Lee Cooper


A Pop Up Shop by Lee Cooper

Spring-Summer 2013 Meet the Makers Campaign

by wjournal


To kick off the year, Lee Cooper launched its Spring/Summer 2013 Collection by setting up a Pop-Up Shop in the heart of Jakarta. The collection features clothing for both male and female and is inspired by the rebellious British youth and their summer time travels. Focusing on both design and function, the collection includes a reversible and a two-way collar shirt for the men while the women’s highlights the Supersoft Superstretch Jeggings and skorts, a combination of shorts and skirt.

Together with the launch of the S/S 2013 collection, Lee Cooper has also launched its “The Makers” campaign. A global campaign, it is aimed at highlighting Lee Cooper’s support for the creators and crafters of this world. While each country features its own ‘Makers’, Poppie Mayiesky and Farri Icksan are two selected ‘Indonesian Makers’ who represent Lee Cooper Indonesia. A renowned fashion & art photographer and the lead guitarist for famed Indonesian band The S.I.G.I.T. , both are ‘makers’ in their own respective field.

To showcase this collection, Lee Cooper has set up a new pop-up shop right in the heart of the city. Located in Plaza Indonesia, the shop presents an atmosphere of an old London shop, with its rugged interior and classy finishes. Though the size of atrium is not considerably big, just like one that you might find in the streets of London and the rest of the Europe. This is all done without sacrificing the modern and functionality aspect of the shop. There are ample spaces for two changing rooms, a corner space where the “craftsmen” work on the customized pair of jeans and interesting gimmicks and artifacts around the display window. All in all, a high-quality, rugged and classy shop to hung around in.

“We do this not only for sale, but for the sake of its experience. We want to share what Lee Cooper is, where it came from and for you to have a positive brand experience as you go through the store,” explained Jody during the opening.

Through this collection and campaign, the brand also aims to emphasize the origin of their denim and how the public usually misunderstands it. Established in 1908, the brand is one of the first and most favorite brand in the world. Compared to the American denim, Lee Cooper’s denim is mainly recognized as the “Great British” and “Original European” jeans brand.

Besides showcasing the S/S 13 collection, the pop-up shop also offers The Bespoke Programme that allows customers to customize their jeans by allowing them to choose on the colours of the buttons, rivets and even the back leather patch. It’s a simple process, really. There is only one fade selection, but one has the option to choose whether they would prefer the slim or the regular cutting. After deciding on which, customers get to choose on the colours of buttons and rivets. There are colours available such as red, white, silver, black and bronze. To put the finishing touch, customers have the option to choose on the leather patch. Available in different textures, rough and smoother ones, it also comes in different colours, predominantly brown and black. On top of that, initials can be put on the patch, making sure that each denim is unique to every individual. The whole process takes a short 15 to 20 minutes to be finished.

If you would like to find out more about the campaign and their collection, you can visit their website here.

 Lee Cooper Pop-Up Shop is located at Atrium Plaza Indonesia Extension, 4th floor and is open from 10 am to 10 pm. The shop will run from February 6th to April 2nd 2013.whiteboardjournal, logo