Kosenda Hotel


Kosenda Hotel

Uniqueness in the Heart of Jakarta

by Dwiputri Pertiwi


“Travelling” is a magical word that brings to mind the excitement of exploring new places, encountering people who speak foreign languages, and enjoying meals that more often than not reveal the essence a culture more accurately than their makers can. But an equally important aspect of travelling – particularly “urban travelling” – is having a comfortable place to return to after a long day of wandering about (or working in the case of business travellers). Jakarta, being a city that always seems to be bursting with energy, could use a haven in which its visitors can wind down and reflect on their experiences in this bustling capital.

While there are many hotels that can provide extreme comfort for their guests, not many are as unique and cozy as Kosenda Hotel. Located at Wahid Hasyim Road, this hotel, which is the first design hotel in Jakarta, not only offers a soothing environment amid the chaos of Jakarta, but also a distinctive aesthetic experience that can be appreciated by all.

The hotel’s owner, Ruben Kosenda, is a traveller himself, and has spent a great portion of his life country hopping while observing many different cultures. The experiences he gathered throughout his adventures, as well as those accumulated in Jakarta influenced the design of Kosenda Hotel. Gifted with an eye for detail, Mr. Kosenda pays a great deal of attention to the quality of every feature of the hotel – from the construction of the building itself to the objects that are placed within it.

Kosenda Hotel also welcomes residents of Jakarta who are looking for a nice place to indulge in delicious Peranakan cuisine or a nice warm cup of piccolo latte at Waha Kitchen and 127 Cafe – both of which are located on the ground floor. The enchanting layouts of the restaurant and the cafe paired with the perfect selection of background music confirm the idea that Kosenda Hotel is not your average hotel; it is the result of good taste.

But in the end, the core of the hotel still lies in its selection of rooms named petita, comforta, and spatial. Each category has something special to offer – including toiletries by Kiehl’s and even an iPod filled with a carefully assembled playlist that is available upon request. The fact that even the smallest rooms of the petita group, much like the compact rooms typically found in Japanese hotels, do not make one feel suffocated proves that Kosenda Hotel can maximize comfort despite the limited space. This idea of making the most out of the least amount of space is what Jakarta needs. The solution to this city’s problem of spatial management lies in the rooms of Kosenda Hotel – even if it exists in a much smaller scale.

Despite the hotel’s modest size, it still has one more amazing treat: the Awan Lounge. It is a rooftop bar that overlooks Jakarta in all its messy beauty. This view reminds guests that despite the calm, sleek and contemporary feel of the hotel, the building itself is located in an extremely dynamic city filled with anachronisms – creating a surreal feeling of being at two places at once.

Kosenda Hotel is a place that travellers, architecture and design enthusiasts, as well as the casual city wanderer will walk out of feeling refreshed.

Kosenda Hotel
Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No. 127
Jakarta 10240

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