Gimme 5: Dan Mitchell’s Songs to Listen On A Sunday Morning


Gimme 5: Dan Mitchell’s Songs to Listen On A Sunday Morning

From Black Merlin’s “Kosua” to Jonny Nash’s “Make A Wilderness”.

by Ghina Sabrina


Foto: Alyona Simonova

Behind a successful establishment, there’s always been a figure or two who is entrusted to take its helm due to their unique vision. Dan Mitchell would be one of them. As the creative director of the well-known Potato Head Group, he is responsible for maintaining as well as pushing forward new creative energies towards its bars, hotels and clubs around the globe. Hailing from Newcastle, he had chosen to reside in Bali and has been living the ‘island life’ ever since. His involvement with music is also apparent, having established a record label called “Island Of The Gods” – which name perfectly mirrors his surroundings. You might have seen his gorgeous, laid-back home through his Instagram page and started imagining how you’d spend a day there. To get a gist of how it is, we asked Dan about the songs he listens on a Sunday morning.

Black Merlin – Kosua

A recent album on my label “Island Of The Gods” so I’ve been listening to it a lot on different systems both in home and around different places. The album consists of a journey spent through Papua New Guinea; field recording and collaborating with the Kosua people. The record has been getting picked up in some unusual places such as the Chanel Runway show in the Met NYC. Which was a nice surprise.

Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics – Jon Hassell & Brian Eno

An old favourite of mine. I like the transcendental quality. It really transports me to an exotic place from another time which I can really visualize. The combo of Jon Hassles trumpet sound with Brian Eno’s production is just beautiful.

Young Marco – Bahasa

The next album out on my label so I’ve been demoing it a lot at home and on different sound systems. The album was actually recording almost 5 years ago here in Bali and will finally get a release Easter 2019. The LP is the output of Marcos first trip to Bali capturing sounds and collaborating with musicians of Bali.

Jonny Nash – Make A Wilderness

New album out by Jonny Nash on one of my favorite labels Music From Memory. I feel Jonny is such a genius and has such a strong sound and emotion. The album follows his Gaussian Curve album also on MFM – which was a really classic record of recent times.

Om Buschman – Total

I’ve recently dug this out and haven’t played it for over 8 years. Just love the drums and vibe to this record. Just sounds perfect in my house surrounded by lush landscape and rice fields.whiteboardjournal, logo