Vol.28: Tomo Hartono

Heart Attack

Vol.28: Tomo Hartono

by Ken Jenie


To be honest, it’s been a while since I listened to any aggressive music. When Jan asked me to compile a mix for Heart Attack, I think this is a nice opportunity to revisit angsty, feels-laden music that highly influence me in my songwriting process for rekah.

There is no any particular sound or era that I aim to portrait through this mix. Just pure 30 minutes of compositions which challenge the consensus of hardcore punk as a masculine music where talking about feelings is considered taboo. Enjoy.

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01. Suis La Lune – Cornea
02. Raein – Tigersuit
03. Daitro – Comme Du Papier
04. Envy – Footsteps in the Distance
05. Orchid – …And The Cat Turned To Smoke
06. Circle Takes the Square – Spirit Narrative
07. Navio Forge – Haloed Eyeswhiteboardjournal, logo