Dhito and His Twisting Tongue Reference


Dhito and His Twisting Tongue Reference

A mixtape made to honor the twisting tongue rappers in 30 minutes.

by Febrina Anindita


Twisting Tongue is always an interesting topic to debate to, some people said that emcee with twisting tongue flow is just trying to hide their dope lyricist capability. Well Em prove them wrong, he is competent wearing the ‘rap god’ crown with his sick flow and dope lyric through the “Rap God”. Bone Thugs N Harmony stealing massive attention 22 years ago with their melodic twisting tongue track “The Crossroads”. It doesn’t matter who comes first with this Twisting Tongue skills, some great talented rappers deliver their rhyme waaayy much better with it than these mumbling rappers that you hear nowadays. Here is the mixtape I made to honor the twisting tongue rappers in 30 minutes. Just in case you wanna hear some other names with a jawbreaker twisting tongue abilities please kindly check Twisted Insane, Yellawolf, T Nutty, The Jaz, and Do Or Die.

1. Twista – Overnight Celebrity
2. Ludacris – What’s Your Fantasy
3. Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne – Look At Me Now
4. Bone Thugs N Harmony – 1st Of Tha Month
5. Eminem – Rap God
6. Wise Intelligent – I Said It
7. Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad
8. Tech N9ne – He’s A Mental Giant
9. Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortis
10. Jay Z – Can’t Get With That
11. Das EFX – Straight Out The Sewer
12. Mystikal – Danger
13. Naughty By Nature – O.P.P
14. Fu Schnickens – What’s Up Doc (Can We Rock)whiteboardjournal, logo