Roshan (SaturdaySelects) Presents “Circadian Rhythm”


Roshan (SaturdaySelects) Presents “Circadian Rhythm”

Helps start and end your day on the right note

by Whiteboard Journal


As some of us have become acclimatized to new routines, it’s always a good idea to create a comfortable atmosphere for us to feel a little bit better. And one way to do it is to listen to new playlists with songs that could improve our day.

It’s what this new edition of Selected aims to be. Carefully selected by Roshan from the Malaysia-based music imprint, SatudaySelects, “I put together this playlist of music that I listen to at any time of the day, whether I’m making my morning coffee, sitting in my Grab rides or getting some work done. It’s easy listening and explores a variety of genres, from ambient to House music with splashes of jazz and hip-hop throughout that aligns with the music we play on our weekly SaturdaySelects radio show! It’s a collection of music that resonates with me and helps start and end my day on the right note.”whiteboardjournal, logo