Listen to the New W_Music


Listen to the New W_Music

by wjournal


If you have been following Whiteboard Journal then you probably know that here we love music. When the website first started in 2009, the W_Music section was dedicated to hosting guest mixtapes, but as time went on it expanded to having articles and videos – taking a life of its own.

As we were making the new Whiteboard Journal we looked at the previous W_Music”s audio format and wanted to expand on the original idea of it hosting music. Combined with the formation of the new W_Music team which includes our long time contributors and masters of music selection Chandra Drews/Ffonz and Bergas Haryadita, we decided to take the W_Music concept further and create our own online radio.

So with the launch of the new Whiteboard Journal we proudly unveil to you the new W_Music, an online radio dedicated to bringing quality music and variety to your daily browsing. This pop-up radio will be updated twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) with a set of programs that we believe will enrich your Whiteboard Journal experience. If you are reading this on the day we launch Whiteboard Journal, you will notice that there is only 4 shows currently available – be sure to get familiar with our radio player and tune in daily as we will reveal new programs during the month.

The following are descriptions of the W_Music programs that we will be hosting:

Bam Bam Jam: Bergas Haryadita, W_Music’s music editor, is a seasoned DJ that has worked with many of the worlds best music groups including Japan’s FreeDisco, Rong Music, and London’s LaserMagnetic Crew. Bergas brings his years of experience and knowledge into W_Music with Bam Bam Jam, a program where he curates a selection of great music new and old. The program revolves around, but is not limited to, dance music.

Fat Cat Ffonz: This cat has a thing for jazz and its related bastard children. This cat does not spin what people want him to spin. This cat will only play his favourite records for your listening pleasure. When thinking of this Fat Cat, think Thelonious Monk, Kool G Rap, 4hero, Madlib, U-Roy, Dr. Octagon, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Roy Ayers, Arthur Russel, Pharaoh Sanders, Airto Moreira and felines of that ilk.

Selected: Music is a personal thing. With the countless amount of musical styles and the even more abundant number of artists creating them there is a rich pool of music one can pick and choose their favorites from. Every casino online individual has their own preference, and in Selected, W_Music invite individuals to create a mixed bag of musical goodies. Each episode features a guest sharing their personal selection of songs with our audience, and with a variety of interesting personalities will come a variety of interesting music to listen to.

Setlist: Even with the array of musical genres and sub-genres artists continue to explore the possibilities of new sonic landscapes, and with many musicians dedicated to their craft there is no shortage of diverse and original music produced. With such a rich pool of talents it was only right W_Music made a live performance segment featuring some of the finest musicians and the music that make them so unique.

Bamboo Twist: Mar Galo has been a fan of Asian culture and its music for a great part of her life. Not only did she collect records during her 15 year-stay in New York City she was also a show promoter for various Japanese bands. Bamboo Twist is a show on W_Music where she shares her passion for the exotic sounds of Asia. From psychedelic, group sounds, a-go-go, to rock n’ roll, there is abundance of great music in you will hear in Bamboo Twist!

The Soundclass: SoundClass is a program where guests from all walks of life are invited to bring their “desert island songs” to the show – songs that have personal value – and as they play their music share with us stories behind their selection. Music has a wonderful ability to create personal connections with listeners, and SoundClass is a program that brings you the many reasons why it is so.

Cliff Notes: With the formation of the W_Music team we decided it was time to bring back Whiteboard Journal”s offline music event: Cliff Notes. The monthly event is W_Music”s offline event focused on a selection of talents chosen for their outstanding work in their fields. Like the study guides that bear the same name, Cliff Notes is concise in presentation and is designed to be engaging and entertaining. This program records those performances and brings them to your homes.whiteboardjournal, logo