‘More Life’ to Drake


‘More Life’ to Drake

by Febrina Anindita


Word: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: Complex

Indeed, the title itself may be a way to describe Drake’s latest album. A certainly fresh wake from Views, More to Life indeed shows the more there is to Drake, exploring emotions and personal expressions of his further, while also taking ‘dips’ into colorful grooves added to the tracks such as “Get it Together” and “Glow.” A ‘playlist’ as the artist himself describes it, perhaps provide an explanation as to the vivid feel of sentiment present throughout the tracks.

An even more personal touch is added at the end of “Can’t Have Everything,” where Drake’s mom is heard leaving him a voicemail. The extra attempt of being personal may be his way of redeeming himself after the lack of enthusiasm he received for Views. Drake definitely convinced the world that in spite of the ‘monotonous’ accusations aimed at Views, he hasn’t lost his touch and in fact has plenty of ‘Drakeness’ left to offer through a ‘more open peak into his life’ with this one. whiteboardjournal, logo