Football Then and Now with Yeyen Tumena

Yeyen Tumena is a former player for Indonesia's national football team as a defender. After a long and illustrious career on the pitch, Yeyen became a sports commentator as well as an official member of the National Football Association. He is now head coach for Asiop, a football academy dedicated to develop the youth's football skills, and create a better future for Indonesian football.


Casual Football Talk with Antony Sutton

Antony Sutton is a freelance writer specializing in South East Asian football. His blog, The Jakarta Casual specializes in South East Asia, particularly Indonesia, where he lives. In his stories, Antony Sutton paints a picture of not only the matches, but also of the how local football reflects the local culture and condition. We had the chance to talk to the football journalist and visited Stadium Lebak Bulus, where he watched his first ever Indonesian football match.


Talking Youth Development with Ganesha Putera Christian

Ganesha Putera Christian is the Director of Football Operations at Villa 2000, a grassroots football club and youth development program who are making positive steps in developing the next generation of Indonesian football players. Chandra Drews met up with Ganesha at Villa 2000’s headquarters in Pamulang to talk more about the club’s history, goals and dreams.


Talking Football with Weshley Hutagalung

Weshley Hutagalung is the managing editor of famed Indonesian sports tabloid Bola. Chandra Drews met up with him at the Bola headquarters in Palmerah to talk with Mr. Hutagalung on his long career as a journalist, pundit and commentator, the history and future of Bola, his views on local and international football as well as a special anecdote he shared on Zinedine Zidane.


The Life of a Football Fan with Pangeran Siahaan

A man who dons many hats as a football analyst, writer, commentator as well as being a budding political thinker, Pangeran Siahaan is rapidly becoming one of Indonesia’s dominant young voices. Chandra Drews paid the man a visit to chat about his work, his views on local and international football, the beautiful yet complex world of football fandom and his near escape from serious harm in Bandung.

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