Groovy Tunes from Angga Pratama


Groovy Tunes from Angga Pratama

A selection of tracks Angga Pratama’s currently hooked on to.

by Whiteboard Journal


Angga Pratama is a photographer who is mostly known for his provocative works. As he prefers sticking to analog photography, he would also describe his works as unpolished and organic, meaning anything that’s real. Risqué is another way to describe it. Throughout his career, his work has been exhibited around the world including APW Gallery in New York, the Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong, and the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta, and his recent one being Crate Gallery in Bali. 

For this edition of Selected, he has selected a few tracks he’s hooked on to nowadays. 

1. Pharrell – Frontin
2. Frank Ocean – In My Room
3. Octavian – Feel It
4. New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
5. Liam Gallagher – Once
6. Octavian – No Weakness
7. Odd Future – Oldie
8. Octavian – Take It Easy
9. Dave feat. Burna Boy – Location
10. Kanye West – Closed on Sundaywhiteboardjournal, logo