Let’s Get Mixed

Stereo Strange

Let’s Get Mixed

A bit of the old, a bit of the new, an itty bitty bit of everything can be found in this mixtape.

by Ken Jenie


Lately, I have been putting my collection of old and new songs on randomly to get me through the night. Here are some of the highlights. Really diggin’ the new Cecil McLorin Salvant album, btw. You should check it out.

01. Ty Segall – Class War
02. Value Void – Babeland
03. Cass Mccombs – Sacred Heart
04. Cecil McLorin Salvant – One Step Ahead
05. Molly Burch – To The Boys
06. Dawn people – Be Cool Tonight
07. Deerhoof – Midnight, the Stars, and You
08. Domenique Dumont – Quasi Quasi
09. Jejune – Unanswered Regrets
10. Rick Wade – Can’t You Seewhiteboardjournal, logo