Lightcraft – Colours of Joy


Lightcraft – Colours of Joy

by wjournal


Being said as one of human’s biggest inspiration, it’s not at all hard to find love-themed music. One of the groups that take love as their inspiration is the Indonesian/Malaysian band, Lightcraft. These five Indonesian-born tied the knot as a band during their stay in Malaysia as college students and has released an EP titled The Modern Seasons at 2006 and their debut album, Losing Northern Lights around 2008. Earlier this year, they released their sophomore album, Colours of Joy, with a little help in distribution from Demajors who worked with many indie musicians such as Endah & Rhesa, Soulvibe, and Efek Rumah Kaca to name a few.

The album, consisting of 11 songs plus 1 bonus remix, portrays love in different angles from celebration of love in Amazing Grace and Starlit Eyes to devastating post-breakup song like Get On Your Own Way and The Other Side of The Glass. With acoustic guitar-piano combination, Lightcrafts brings calm feeling in Fire With Fire but then shape-shifted it to a different vibe with the Crash & I’m A’s remix. A little Coldplay and Snow Patrol can also be felt here and there, such as in Living in Words and Letters and Love Song and Lullabies. Overall, these 12 tracks are expressions of various love stories conveyed in euphonious tunes.

Although titled ‘Colours of Joy’, the album delivers a melancholic feel with their sentimental lyrics. The tracks in this album are definitely considerable to add to your playlist to accompany long road trips or gloomy Sunday.

If you don’t mind
Amazing grace
This plastic love
Get your own way
The other side of the glass
Fire with fire
Starlit eyes
Love songs and lullabies
Living in words and letters
Hello goodbye

bonus track:
fire with fire (crash & I’m A remix)

Article Written by: Septhiria Chandra

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