Gimme 5: Dreems


Gimme 5: Dreems

by Febrina Anindita


To enrich our readers’ music reference (laugh), we asked Dreems – the eccentric DJ with mind-bending music – about his top 5 most-listened songs. This man is on a mission to free everyone from the divisive shackles of flags and tongues. We added “why” into the question, but apparently he got to run to somewhere else. So here you go, 5 current favs on his rotation outside of the disco. But before that, keep what he said in mind, “Whatever your culture, sex, or species, there is a place in your heart for light, sound, and dance, and that is where I will make my home.”

Find out how those 5 songs influence or inspire his mix and see him live at Dekadenz this Saturday at FJ on 7!whiteboardjournal, logo