Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Vol. 38: Dede (Wastedrockers)

We're back on Heart Attack & this is our special guest Dede from Wastedrockers. Known as the local version of John Peel, cult legend, independent music archivist and avid blogger, he gets nostalgic through some of his favorite fast-paced anthems from various style of punk & hardcore right before he turned 23. Enjoy! 01. Lagwagon - Hurry Up and Wait (1998) 02. The Offspring - All I Want (1997) 03. Pennywise - Pennywise (1991) 04. Green Day - Platypus (1997) 05. Spazz - A Prayer for the Complete and Utter Eradication of All Generic Pop-Punk (1999) 06. Charles Bronson - Standing in Front of Bulldog Records (1997) 07. The Damned - Stab Your Back (1977) 08. Minor Threat - Minor Threat (1981) 09. Black Flag - Wasted (1979) 10. Void - Dehumanized (1981) 11. Nirvana - tourette's (1993) 12. Youth Of Today - Can't Close My Eyes (1988) 13. Agnostic Front - Friend Or Foe (1983) 14. Madball - Hardcore Still Lives (1996) 15. Biohazard - Better Days (1996) 16. Cause For Alarm - Lies (1996) 27. Strife - Force Of Change (1997) 18. Doom - Police Bastard (1989) 19. Discharge - The Possibility of Life's Destruction (1982) 20. The Exploited - Noize Annoys (2003) 21. Disrupt - Religion Is A Fraud (1994) 22. Glassjaw - Babe (2000) 23. The Dillinger Escape Plan - The Mullet Burden (1998)

Heart Attack

Vol. 37: Ratta Bill

I listen to almost everything, but I always have this soft spot for loud and fast-paced music. So here you'll find some of my recent heart-attacking favorites from the art rock savages Parquet Courts to the Copenhagen post-punk unit Iceage. All the songs are released after 2010 so if I could name the playlist, it would better be called "PunkZamanNow". Enjoy! 1. Viet Cong - Bunker Buster 2. iceage - How Many 3. Holograms - ABC City 4. Ought - The Weather Song 5. Protomartyr - Maidenhead 6. Mourn - Gertrudis, Get Through This! 7. Eagulls - Euphoria 8. Omni - Equestrian 9. Palm - Egg in a Frame 10. B Boys - Get a Grip 11. jennylee - never 12. Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal 13. Meat Wave - No Light 14. Women - Eyesore 15. Naomi Punk - Television Man 16. Death Grips - On GP

Heart Attack

Vol. 36 – Only Death is Real

In the tradition of aggressive music, it wouldn’t be complete without putting metal in the equation. So as a person who low-key liking metal, I'm presenting this latest Heartattack mix by combining various style of different aggressive metal with each of their thematic elements - ranging from depiction of fucked up society, metaphor of evil in mankind, religious paranoia, political propaganda or as simple as playing warping satanic rock ‘n’ roll. Happy holiday everyone! Enjoy! 01. Midnight - Satanic Royalty 02. Hellhammer - Triumph of Death 03. Abigail - Sexual Metal Party 04. Slayer - Evil Has No Boundaries 05. Blasphemy - Ritual 06. Terrorizer - Enslaved by Propaganda 07. Hooded Menace - The Creeping Flesh 08. Sarcofago - Crush, Kill, Destroy 09. Repugnant - From Beyond The Grave 10. Insect Warfare - Internet Era Alienation 11. Church of Misery - Born to Raise Hell 12. Volahn - Natjir Ichik

Heart Attack

Vol.35 – Moshers Delight

Well what can I say about this notoriously well reputable modern classic label from DC? If you’re looking for no-bullshit hardcore, say no more ‘cuz Moshers Delight is here to serve you right. Born out of love for the subculture itself, two best friends Zachary Wuerthner & Crucial John started hardcore fanzine which would eventually be a record label as well. So far they’ve released quite a handful of releases in tape format. So here’s a glimpse of what Moshers Delight is all about, enjoy! Tracklist: 1. Might - Intro 2. Shrapnel - Deserve 3. Faze - time 4. Corrective Measure - Resort to Violence 5. The Real Cost - Make Your Move 6. Freedom - Debt Not Repaid 7. Burst of Rage - Lightning Struck 8. Step for Change - Fuel the Machine 9. Unified Right - Cashin That Check 10. Wild Side - No Man’s Hoe 11. Direct Impact - Might/NLY 12. Higher Power - Reflect 13. Clear - Clown House 14. Free At Last - Full Steam 15. Big Contest - The Sad Fact 16. Intent - I.G Stomp 17. Fury - Day Today

Heart Attack


What's not to love from the classics? Just like enjoying a piece of timeless painting or an art piece or even losing yourself in the grand scale of breath-taking architecture, hardcore/punk too is an art in its own respective. What was once started as nucleus of collective force, the musical genre stays in lots of different incarnation throughout the years. Expect to see barrage of usual suspects coming straight outta time capsule. Hardcore rules because it's written in stone. 01. Wide Awake - Insight 02. Bad Brains - Pay to Cum 03. Youth of Today - One Family 04. Raw Deal - Wall of Hate 05. Cro-Mags - We Gotta Know 06. Insted - Tell Me 07. Side by Side - Dead Serious 08. Breakdown - Labeled 09. Agnostic Front - Power 10. Final Conflict - Abolish Police 11. Leeway - Mark of the Squealer 12. Bold - Wise Up 13. Madball - Get Out 14. Straight Ahead - Spirit of Youth 15. Judge - In My Way 16. Last Rights - Chunks 17. Outburst - Thin Ice 18. Blitz - We Are the Boys 19. Life’s Blood - Not for the Weak 20. Rest in Pieces - Old Grey Mare Stomp/Stark Raving Nude 21. Sacrilege - Life Line 22. The Varukers - No Masters No Slaves 23. Crown of Thornz - Juggernaut 24. Beyond - Vitality 25. Gorilla Biscuits - Biscuit Power 26. Sick of It All - Friends Like You 27. Merauder - Life is Pain 28. Uniform Choice - Straight and Alert 29. The Icemen - The Harsh Truth 30. Warzone - We’re the Srew 31. YDI - Out for Blood 32. Crucifix - How When Where

Heart Attack


I’m completely thrilled to present the latest installment of Heartattack. Massive shout outs to Indra Menus for the incredible tracklist on our previous episode, here I am tangled in a glorious nostalgic encounter. Skramz or screamo has been widely misunderstood for its mainstream appeal, whereas we have all these great alternate scene; filled with massively underappreciated outfits from different parts of the world. These are tiny reflections of my appreciation towards the style, the zeitgeist, the energy and the substance. Listen to this episode of Heart Attack on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud. Tracklist: 01. Welcome the Plague Year - Behold a Pale Horse 02. Ampere - We Neither Rise Nor Fall 03. Hassan I Sabbah - Watching the Eyes of Someone Lying 04. Shikari - Post Student Syndrome 05. Circle Takes the Square - Same Shade As Concrete. 06. Daighila - Hunt 07. City of Caterpillar - When Was the Last Time We Painted Over the Blood On the Walls 08. Kaospilot - Rethink the Guidelines 09. Orchid - I Am Nietzche 10. Pg99 - In Love with an Apparition 11. Piri Reis - When Life Hand You Grenade 12. Daïtro - Chaque Seconde 13. Utarid - There is Definitely Room For Growth 14. Saetia - Notres Langues Nous Trompent 15. Anomie - Avorter N’est Pas Tuer 16. Textbook Traitors - Diagram of How To Take a Punch 17. Orbit Cinta Benjamin - Fuck Tomorrow 18. Sjanse - An End to No End 19. La Quiete - * 20. Hot Cross - A Tale for the Ages

Heart Attack

Vol.32: Indra Menus

Sorry for the delay as I’ve been busy with things (yep, things!) but hey Heartattack is still here afterall! This time we have a special guest, the one and only Indra Menus of To Die, LKTDOV, Kongsi Jahat Syndicate, Relamati Records and many more. On this very occassion, he will be sharing to us some of his favorite tracks; showcasing his interest towards post-hardcore, 90s style emo, screamo/skramz as well as emoviolence. Without further due, enjoy the most melancholic episode of Heartattack - just yet! Listen to this mixtape on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud. Blue Friend - Dasai This japanese band always gives constant eargasm. For this sort of music, don’t get caught up with familiar names such as Envy or Heaven in Her Arms, you gotta check out Blue Friend. This song is opened with melodic guitar-picking then followed with dynamic conversation between the first and the second guitar, emotional shout sneaks and punches in between the instrument with maximum energy til the very last seconds. CityCop - Hold Onto Your Seat, Syanne From the album “The Hope in Forgiving & Giving Up Hope”, these quartet prove that acoustic guitar can produce maximum effect of angst yet melancholic outburst. Combination of singing & screaming, hand-picking & strumming technique from the acoustic guitar melt well under CityCop. Daitro - Une Fois Encore Aka Redrum JR My growing interest with French screamo wave and post hardcore begin from listening to the 3 way split “The Harsh Words As the Sun” between Raein, Lhasa and Daitro. The composition of Euro sound filled with reverb, delay, minimal distortion as well as French dialect are few reasons why I keep on digging more bands with these attributes. Mihai Edrisch - La Pluie Started from Daitro, I’ve finally found some interesting French-speaking bands such as Belle Epoque & Mihai Edrisch. When I listen to their record for the first time, I instantly fall in love with their character eventhough I don’t understand a thing about French language. eucalypt - The Aftermath (Spanish Song) eucalypt is the first Australian skramz band that I saw live. Some people cite them as the best non-distorted screamo band from Australia, and I gotta agree with that. I still remember the signature style of their bass player who stood still throughout the set in front of the drum by facing up backwards against the crowd, while the lead vocal yet guitarist kneeling down and scream without microphone. Sucha mindblowing sight! This band becomes one of LKTDOV’s live references after Jeromes Dream of course. Quiet Steps - Why You're Living My Disco is probably one of Australian bands that has the same signature accent like this band. From My Disco, I got introduced to Ohana and Quiet Steps with the similar vocal character like Ben Andrew on My DIsco circa Language of Numbers. I really like the feeling of minimal music on Quiet Steps 4 songs EP (2007). Composition of math rock, screamo and indie rock merge perfectly with half singing yet half shouting of Australian accent. Raven Mccoy - Asking Questions In A Letter I really love a slow-down tempo that gradually becomes intense such as this particular track. Even with his screaming style mixed with spoken words, you can feel that the vocal properly delivered with great amount of emotions in it. This track is the most heartbreaking track on their 2011 EP where the other tracks run on moderately faster tempo. This Town Needs Gun - Baboon Twinkle Daddy, Midwest Emo, Math Rock, whatever you name it, this band is great! Band who usually requires high accuracy like this tends to disregard their vocal department, but with calm this band inserts great melodic vocal into their sophisticatedly complex musical composition. The result? Amazing! - Finally I able to listen to mathematical music which sounds so tuneful and radio friendly. eleventwelfth - Later On I know this band through Revolution Autumn vol 2 compilation. One of Indonesian bands that successfully play twinkle daddy/midwest emo with radio friendly tendency. Not to mention their duet with rising soloist, Asteriska, opens them up to wider possibility. Indigo Moire - Bloom I wasn’t aware with this band before, but when Daffa of Kolibri Records recommended this band for Revolution Autumn Compilation Vol 2 and then I finally got their demo, I instantly fell in love. As always, I tend to have a habit, if a song able to represent my emotional condition at that time, then that song is entitled to be my favorite song for a month full. Even after I read the lyrics, Bloom becomes my top playlist on my PC for couple months. rekah - Untuk Seorang Gadis yang Selalu Memakai Malam Still on the hunt for Revolution Autumn Compilation Vol 2 roster, rekah managed to steal my attention. At that time Tomo wanted to form a new band. I trust my intuition eventhough that band hasn’t recorded anything. Thank god I’ve got my intuition right! Black metal, screamo, shoegaze and math rock elements blend well in this track, plus the Indonesian vocals doesn’t always come out as blackened but also mixed with singing, spoken words and even a little bit of crying. Glare - Malice On the first edition of Revolution Autumn there’s Gauth who then shares line up with Glare on the 2nd edition. I have no idea why but I feel like Glare is a reincarnated version of Orchid, minus the post-modernist aesthetic. There are lots of high and low moment built from rhythm and melody from octave chords, which presented with powerful energy and high intensity. Here we can find lots of beautiful moments among the chaos.

Heart Attack

Vol. 31: Dimas “Acong” Saktya

Sup everyone, it's the first mix of the year of flaming rooster. We have a very special guest in this one, it's none other than Dimas "Acong" Saktya. His love for the music is almost impossible to deny as he's involved with few notable names such as Voyagers of Icarie, Freedom of Choice as well as become frequent spinner at the Safehouse establishment. His infectious motoric dance track can also be found on Dentum Dansa Bawah Tanah under Papaya Records. In this latest episode of Heartattack, he will be sharing to us songs that accompany his morning, nostalgic songs he heard during his childhood and also his time in university all the way through the moment he discovered the coming-of-age world of Empire Records in the 90s. Sit back & enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/swarsaktya Tracklist: 1. Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business 2. Elastica - Connection 3. Iggy Pop - Lust For Life 4. The Flying Lizards - Money 5. Space System - Nocturnal Creatures 6. Prinzhorn Dance School - You Are The Space Invader 7. The Clash - Bankrobber 8. Cheech & Chong Feat. Alice Bowie - Earache My Eye 9. Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want

Heart Attack

Vol.30: Januar Kristianto

Approaching the end of 2016 as we speak, here's another crucial classics of hardcore/punk jam for the 30th episode of Heartattack. Featuring the likes of (you already know who's on the list) Warzone, Youth of Today, Judge and every important hardcore bands that shape my youth and probably yours too! So here's a bit of nostalgic, a walk to memory lane, memorable tracks that make me run amok. Enjoy and happy holiday y'all. Listen to this episode of Heart Attack on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud Page. 01. Warzone - intro bust 02. Crippled Youth - positive scene 03. Project X - shutdown 04. Uniform Choice - use your head 05. Antidote - nazi youth 06. Madball - get out 07. Cro-mags - hard times 08. Judge - bringin it down 09. Side by Side - my life to live 10. Agnostic Front - power 11. Bad Brains - big takeover 12. The Abused - loud & clear 13. Breakdown - sick people 14. Youth of Today - take a stand 15. Wide Awake - insight 16. Gorilla Biscuits - biscuit power

Heart Attack

Vol.29: Merdi Simanjuntak

Honored to contribute another playlist for my buddy Jan's W Music program; Heart Attack. Selecting some new and not-so-new music from everywhere that has been regularly played on my smartphone's playlist to accompany my daily routines on the road. Nothing special here, just songs that i considered can give a slap in the face every time you need to be slapped in the face. Listen to this episode of Heart Attack on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud. 01. Intro - Arus Kuat Arus Lemah 02. Razorheads - Black Blade 03. Gas Rag - Abort Them 04. Vaaska - Policia! Policia! 05. Bib - Pressure 06. Hoax - Down 07. Goon - Tall Buildings 08. Mongrel - Worthless 09. Hidden Bones - Slow Rot 10. A Sistem Rijek?! - Survive 11. Creep Stare - Cop Problem 12. Q - CQNTRQL 13. Failed Mutation - Flood Gates 14. Sonic Order - Common Thread 15. Technical Ecstasy - Pit Exists 16. Raid - What's Mine 17. Warthog - Functioning World 18. Slur - Control 19. Lubricant - Slave Driver 20. Peace or Annihilation - Nyanyikan Lagu Perang

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